The Vizsla is self-entertaining, obedient, and easily trained for a variety of disciplines. As family dogs, they have an amazing temperament and make a good fit for any household.  They are great with children, and simultaneously good companions for the elderly or single adults.  


Vizsla Puppies

Hunting Partners

Red Dog Kennels was established in 1997. Devoted to raising quality Vizslas as hunters and companions. Our passion for the Vizsla is based on the consistency and love of the breed. You can find our puppies for sale in Michigan.

As natural hunters--for a variety of upland birds from grouse, woodcock, pheasant's, quail and chucker--the Vizsla will enhance the hunting experience. ​

As companions, they compare to no other breed whether you enjoy hiking, biking, running, or just kicking back.  The Vizsla (also known as “The Velcro Dog”) will be by your side, making your bad days better and your good days great. With their short coat, they are among the cleanest dogs, and their webbed feet make them skilled swimmers--they love the water! ​